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You Have The Digital Privacy Playbook...Now What?

Establishing a solid privacy program is essential in creating brand trust with your customers.


The world of privacy and security is constantly changing as threats and technology continue to evolve. Your customers expectations and fears are also changing with every new story of a large-scale privacy breach or a loved one whose had their identity stolen.


We want to empower you to help build trust with your customers and navigate this ever-changing world.


The first step is to quickly assess where your program is foundationally. Take the following quick 11-question self-assessment to see how your program scores against the top foundational gaps to an effective privacy and security program as identified by SoCal Privacy.


While there is more to this to achieve compliance and legal defensibility*, this assessment gives you a quick snapshot of the maturity state of your program.


*Legally defensible – compliance to laws, regulations and standards plus an accountability system to anticipate foreseeable risks and apply reasonable safeguards to acceptably reduce risks from the viewpoint of a regulator or plaintiff attorney, jury or judge.


Privacy Program Maturity Self-Assessment

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